notas de prensa

título de la nota: Argentine Survey Picks Top 50 People in Spanish-Language Publishing
autor de la nota: Edward Nawotka
medio: www.publishingperspectives.com
fecha: 5/9/2012

The Buenos Aires Book Fair asked their network to vote for "the 50 publishing professionals whose actions and opinions have had the strongest impact on their colleagues over the last years." Votes came in from all over the world and an ad hoc committee, which reported to the Professional Section of the Fundación El Libro, which runs the Fair, made the selection. To make the cut "candidates had to be alive and still active in theSpanish-language industry, but could hail from any country". (No surprise, but the list is heavy on Spaniards and Argentines!).

Argentina: Daniel Divinsky (Ediciones de la Flor), Alberto Díaz (Emecé), Alejandro Katz (Katz Editores), Gloria Rodrigué (Edhasa), Guillermo Schavelzon (Schavelzon Agencia Literaria), Jorge Álvarez (Editorial Jorge Álvarez), Leandro de Sagastizábal (Tinta Fresca), Pablo Braun (Filba - Festival de Literatura de Buenos Aires), Ana María Cabanellas (Claridad y Heliasta), Mempo Giardinelli (Fundación Mempo Giardinelli), Nicolás Costa (International Editors), Hernán Casciari (Editorial Orsai).